An examination of the aggressive nature of the epic characters of sita and draupadi

Draupadi: an epic character of mahabharat the epic characters of the mahabharat series are illustrated stories for the young and the young-at-heart readers these simple narrations of the mahabharat focus on individual personalities who are the embodiment of this greatest epic that was ever written jay jay sita ram warm wishes, jai.

In-law, kunti draupadi was in awe of kunti's steel of determination, but detested the power she wielded on her sons there was a subtle ongoing tiff between the two, for kunti could sense draupadi's affection for karna and draupadi, in turn, was one of the first persons to uncover how kunti abandoned karna.

Alongside draupadi in this list is a more straightforward hindu heroine, sita, wife of rama in the ramayana , the other major hindu epic, composed in a similar period to the mahabharata , sita also suffers greatly, being abducted by a demon and then rejected by rama on the grounds that she has lived in another man’s house.

An examination of the aggressive nature of the epic characters of sita and draupadi

The acts like the sari of sita are all the tools that are used to accord the status of a godly being to krishna and make it impossible to question their actions even when the way they fought was believed to be a cowardly way of battle mahabharata (hindu epic): how would one explain the endless saree (robe) of draupadi. Sita is seen as a form of the goddess lakshmi, while krishna refers to draupadi as “his sister,” indicating that she is an avatar of the goddess parvati both of them also challenge the male authority structures, but in different ways. Sita was ever graceful and soft and lacked the aggression displayed by draupadi in the mahabharata however, she showed immense mental strength and the strength of character, even under the most excruciating circumstances she faced during her lifetime. 124 uditi das et al: sita (character from the indian epic –ramayana), draupadi and gandhari (characters from another indian epic – mahabharata) - a comparative study among three major mythological female characters - gandhari: an exception- such misery, she is blessed by byaasdev (a saint) that she.

I've decided to take up the major characters one by one and do a bit of analysis i'm starting with draupadi, who happens to be my favourite female of the epic draupadi was the daughter of king drupada of panchaal draupadi is not worshipped as an ideal woman like sita,. Sita and draupadi were the central female characters of the two great indian epics, the ramayana and the mahabharata respectively both were srestha naris in their time they were equally powerful and ended up being two of the greatest women in indian history.

An examination of the aggressive nature of the epic characters of sita and draupadi
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